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The Biblical Briefs are all about handling questions and giving answers regarding some or other spiritual subject, upon which people need clarity, i.e. tattoos, the Sabbath, symbolical meaning of things, the apocryphal books, personal questions regarding death, etc. You can also amongst other things regard this biblical Brief simply as a guidance In order to address this need in a widespread audience, we started this series where we try to address these questions in a concise manner according to spiritual Biblical relief, without having lengthy discussions on a topic. It is important to note that it is not in any way implied that we have the full answer to every question, but that the answers present a specific Biblical perspective. We therefore do not insinuate that we have the total answer to every question, but it is our endeavour to present the truth in an accountable manner as teaching in righteousness (2Tim. 2:15-16). It is an approach that is trying to demonstrate that the timeless Word of God still presents answers to all questions.




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